TW Steel was established in 2004 in the Netherlands and has become one of the most exciting and innovative watch brands to enter the market over the last few years. From its humble beginnings with a collection of only four watches in 2005, TW Steel has gone through an incredibly quick development into a leading lifestyle brand with an average price range of between 140 and 500 euros.   TW Steel stands for "The Watch in Steel", a name which refers to the signature stainless steel casing which, with its opulent dimensions of 45 to 50 mm, has ensured TW Steel a special position in the XXL watch market. Not only does this brand set the XXL trend, but it maintains its unique position through constant development of its products. Innovative design, an uncompromising approach to quality and a strong sense of individuality guarantee that TW Steel is the perfect choice for any occasion.    TW STEEL - BIG IN OVERSIZED WATCHES