PF Flyers style and comfort have benefited lively American traditions of "work, relaxation and play" for over 70 years. Born of Posture Foundation, a patented breakthrough in sneaker comfort, PF styles of the 50s and 60s were renowned for helping you "run faster and jump higher." Sport legends like basketball's Bob Cousy embraced the brand in the 1950s, creating a string of timeless court designs. By the 1960s, PF was the benchmark of classic American sneakers, a pioneer in bridging sportswear and casual fashion. In archival reissues and new classic silhouettes, PF's heritage of clean-lined style and enduring quality has created milestones of sneaker design in nearly every era. PF believes that life is best enjoyed vigorously. That camaraderie, self-improvement and free time pursuits are life's real prizes. PF unites its iconic past with a forward perspective and exceptional craftsmanship, for classic sneakers that bring robust spirit to smart modern style. PF Flyers debuts its spring 2011 Sporting Life Lakeside Collection. For more than 70 summers, Americans have spent weekends waterside in PF style and comfort. Relaxed in off whites and gum rubber. Windswept in navy blue, full grain leather and crossweave canvas. Enjoying sun and shore in the latest sporting classics.