1882. Emile Camuset, a hosiery maker, founded the Camuset house in Romilly, near Troyes, Frances capital of knitwear. Thanks to Camusets son - himself named Emile, the family workshop produced a sports collection from 1920, first to honor its contracts in England, and then creating appropriate collections designed for French competitors. Emile was a true sports fan, and he realized that the use of jersey was revolutionary. Its hygienic and isothermal features, its flexibility convinced athletes as soon as they wore the products. Indeed, sports clubs got their equipment from the Camuset house, and soon a prestigious order marked the birth of the le coq sportif jerseys for the Tour de France teams in 1951, making the coq sportif their official supplier. In the 1980s, le coq sportif made history in soccer, through victories at World Cup with the Argentinean team (1986) and with Italy (1982), but also on clay court, with Yannick Noahs victory at the French Open in 1983. Twenty-five years later, Yannick still stands by le coq sportif, joined in 2007 by his son, basketball player Joakim Noah, and rugby player Frederic Michalak. In 2010, le coq sportif announces the acquisition of a factory in Romilly, in a move to get back to its roots, in the region that saw the rising of the small family hosiery Camuset. The philosophy of the brand: create authentic, accessible and ingenious sport inspired products, quality and craftsmanship in a modern life experience.